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Thursday, April 23, 2009

See Fox with a little spring in her step!

The weather makes a huge difference!  I mean the fact that I dont have to put 2 layers of fleece on to walk to the pool at 6 in the morning is enough to make my day.  This morning the walk was cool and peaceful!  I loved it. 
Practice wasnt my strongest.  I wanted to stop the entire time, but I somehow managed to talk my self into staying strong.  I actually finished the practice which is a good thing.  After being out of town all last week and missing practice I think my arms got lazy.  I wasnt supposed to swim today at all.  Instead I have a 60 minute run on the agenda...but I plan to do that later.  For now, I'm just happy that I got one last swim in with Kait before she leaves (tomorrow) for her race.  She is trying to qualify for the San Fran Tri which I totally believe she can do!

ok...back to work.  
send your pennies, powersongs, and good luck wishes!

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