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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See Fox Sweat

I had a crazy work day today and by the time I got home from Baltimore I decided I just needed to I did.  And before I knew it 8:30 had snuck up on me and I hadn't worked out all day. I was talking myself into the idea that one night off wouldn't hurt me...when all of the sudden my brain was overturned with the following thoughts in immediate succession...1) taking the night off will not help you finish the race strong. 2) cancer sucks and you are lucky that you are healthy enough to work out today! 3)  If you hadn't taken so many running days off you would have had a better time at the Remember the 10.

Damn It.

I have to do it.  So I jumped up, ate a banana, got ready and was headed out the door by 9:50. I ended up clocking a faster pace than usual and felt good on my run to the gym.  I told myself I would run back but didn't believe it.  Today's schedule called for core training and 50 minutes on the bike.  I didn't do any strength work but did abs for a minute before jumping on the bike.  I did an hour and kept my RPM at about 100 the whole time so it was tough but felt good....AND I ended up running the whole way home.  So today was a 3 mile run and a 18 mile bike.  I had the resistance pretty high so I feel good about my performance today.  I do need to be at the pool in about 6 that will kinda suck but Kait will be there with me so it will be pretty fun...and besides: I want to finish the race strong, cancer sucks, and I'm lucky to be healthy enough to work out, right?  

Lots of love to my cheering section!  (especially Em for keeping me entertained on facebook all night) Adding new songs to the mix tonight!

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