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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

See Fox in a wetsuit... will NOT be seeing me in a wetsuit unless you show up at the start of the Cap Tex Tri on memoial day.  Not so sure I'm interested in posting that online!  I hardly slept last night (maybe 3 hrs) but forced myself to go to practice regardless and was given my TNT wetsuit before practice started.  Putting the suit while completly drained of energy was tough...but getting in the water was FUN!  I felt like aquaman...and I'm confident it made my stroke impecable!  Lots of fun.

I'm supposed to run today but I think I am going to try to get to a yoga class instead...I need to stretch out my sore legs

Ohhh.. one more thing!  The Tri team in DC this year is divided between 2 different races.  About 60-65 percent of my teammates are doing St. A's tri in Florida...NEXT WEEKEND!  So this was the last training swim that I had with most of them.  I'm excited for them and our practice was lots of fun...they took the lane ropes out and we did group start...were everyone crowds together adn swims at the same i took a couple of kicks and punches and choked on some water...but survived.  Getting nervous about the actual race!


P.S. This is my coaches idea of how we should train...he didn't have the American Gladiator sticks...but kickboards do the same thing!

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