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Thursday, April 2, 2009


ok...practices are getting tougher and I'm spent!  I almost rolled practice this morning, but with only 1.5 months left i thought it wouldnt be the best idea to woudl start a bad habbit.  Kait and I pushed through a tough swim and then I grabbed stuff for breakfast on my way home.   I'm sore all over from my training session yesterday and I didnt even get to do it all out!

i'm getting excited for austin thought...and for seeing friends...i hear that Kenny, Ryan, and Allie are all coming for the weekend!  Should be lots of fun!


SeanyD said...

Hey Christine! I like your blog! It's got Pizazz! Good luck with fundraising! How's training coming along for you?

Kenny G. said...

Keep up the hard work T Fowx. I am proud of you and remember that you are a Tri-athlete not just an athlete.