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Monday, April 13, 2009

See Fox Stand Tall...

So I woke up, ate breakfast (pb and toast and an orange), and ran to the gym.  It is a beautiful cool morning so I had on my fleece and my headphones and was rocking out to Junior Senior and taking in the sights.  The run from my house takes me by the SEC, Union Station, Senate Buildings, The Capitol, etc.  Suddenly, I was overcome with a sense of pride.  I was so scared when I started this process that I wouldn't have the resolve to finish.  I'm a month and a half out and I know that I'm going to be there on race day!  I already have raised over $2,000 and can't let the people down who donated to support me.  I've been dedicated to swimming and biking and feeling very strong.  And so now I'm in the home stretch... just need to pick up on my running to make sure I can finish out the 10k and I'm good.

My mentor mentioned to me the other day that he thinks I don't give myself enough credit.  That I accomplish things and say "oh, anyone could do that."  So on my run I started realizing what this race really represents to me.  It will be at the tail end of my 4th year in DC.  Since moving here I have made some great friend, I have pushed and challenged myself, and I have proven that I can stick through tough situations in order to reach my goals.  My first year here was pretty brutal, but I made it through.  Now I have friends I can call when my laundry machine breaks and I'm leaving town in less than 24 hours and have no clean clothes (thx keosha) or those friends that I can have a great meal or happy hour with, or watch college basketball with, or go for runs or swims with and feel perfectly at home.  Its hard trying to make a life for yourself...and I'm actually proud of how far I've come!  

So I walked into the gym standing tall and feeling proud...and then Abu reminded me through my training session that I have a long way to go.  That's the thing...its not so much that I think "anyone can do this."  I just know "I can do better" and "I can be more".  So here is to a week full of great workouts and continuing to progress!

Love you all!  send love, pennies, powersongs!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are doing amazing sweetie. Keep it going! Thanks for the shout out.