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Sunday, February 22, 2009

See Fox Cringe!

Woke up with some sore muscles!  I mean like laying here my muscles are exhausted and crying out for a full on massage from Becky Ginn!  I tried drinking sangria last night in hopes that it would relax me and my muscles!  It did get me drunk but it didn't do much to alleviate the pain!  

I have to swim at 3...but last night was drinking with my team so I'm not sure how many people are going to show up.  

I think i need a nap!

P.S. I never fell asleep but I did get to the pool by 3. I was thinking about the milage I covered in the last two days during training. I biked 26 miles ran or walked 6 miles and swam 1.5. So 33.5 miles. I don't travel that far in a given week in car, metro, bus!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

See Fox Brick!

So I'm not sure if I should actually use "Brick" as a verb...because in my mind it is technically a 4 letter word!  Saturday workouts now consist of 2 events back to back...these are referred to as your "brick workouts"...i have a feeling that it is because your legs feel like bricks when you transition.  I've been logging lots of 2 practice days where I swim in the morning and run at night...but today I biked for 100 minutes and then went straight into a 15 minute run.  It doesn't sound too bad, but after the first 60 minutes my legs were tired and I was starting to doubt my abilities on the run.  

I'm delighted to report that I survived fact I felt really great about it all.  My training partner Kait...who is a great motivation.  We chatted through the entire work out and would cheer on people whose paths crossed ours along the way.  It was pretty fun if you ignore the intense burning in my muscles.  Tomorrow is a 30 minute swim, but I plan to do the full 1 hour work out to make up for a run I missed earlier this week due to work and a much needed happy hour!  I might even try to make it to yoga...the legs are getting tight!  

wish you guys were here to see this nonsense...i love and miss you all...

Friday, February 20, 2009

See Fox get motivated!

An email from a friend of a friend!  

KA: pls send to the marathon, century, alumni, etc. groups....

I am sitting in Houston, TX at MD Anderson with my dear friend Desiree who has relapsed a second time with lymphoma. The first time she fought was two years ago when I met her beautiful face. We were fast friends as we had so much in common. She has been a close friend, a fellow triathlete and my running buddy for 2 years. Desiree and I signed up for Ironman AZ this November to celebrate her victory over cancer….she will not be able to race due to the relapse. As well, she has 3 beautiful children. Ages 6,8 and 10…… Today we found out that not only is she stage 4, but it has spread to her brain. I am sitting in the waiting room as she goes in to receive a 4 hour transfusion. Even though MD Anderson does a lot of things right…being in a hospital for JUST cancer patients will never feel ok to me. It makes it real, it brings it all back home. 

I wanted to send word to your athletes. The injustice that cancer serves is not fair. And I am angry. I have observed since 9 AM and watched the walks of all those facing treatment, good news, bad news, new protocol….Cancer does not discriminate. Where I sit right now there are young and old, black, white & asian, upper class and lower class. Cancer doesn’t care that the economy is tanking or that we are trying to figure out a new health care system. Cancer doesn’t care if you have 3 children or hopes of having children one day. As active as it is…it has no REAL face. It carries the face of way too many people. There is no sense in who or why it chooses and that makes me angry. Nobody deserves this. As I walked around today and saw that MD Anderson has to add 600 more beds, my stomach dropped. I mean…they ONLY serve cancer patients, have an entire FLOOR for lymphoma and they need 600 more beds??? Apparently there is a waiting list, which is why I bring my friend down for one day (3 hour drive one way) because a bed overnight is not an option right now.

I have been around cancer for about 6 years now. My brother, my grandfather, myself, my Dad….many close friends and those from afar and I won’t ever get used to it. I don’t want to. For those of your athletes that might need that extra push out the door to their Finish Line in May….maybe this email will help. My friend Desiree will not be able to train or run for a long time as the road ahead of her is quite long. Will you get out of bed and do it for her? Will you get out of bed, train your asses off and hope for hospitals with empty beds? 

I would love that.