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Thursday, April 1, 2010

See Fox Bartend!!!

I will be at the UGLY MUG in a few hours serving up beers in an attempt to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

I'll have pictures and updates after the fact!!! Just getting excited! It should be lots of fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

See Fox Skip...

Practice that is. It wasn't intentional... I promise. I have made it to all the swim practices that I've been in town for, however I dont even remember the alarm clock going off yesterday I missed practice. I'm going to try to hit the trail to ride my bike and then head to a friends happy hour/fundraiser!

Thursday I'm going to be doing a fundraiser at a bar with a lot of should be fun...just hope I get to see a lot of friends!

if you are in the area come to the ugly mug for my guest bartending tomorrow, Thursday, April 1st.

Go Team!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

See Fox Clipped in...

I've completed 2 triathlons in 1 year and I'm back for my third. In a year and a half I'm sent plenty of money donating to TNT and buying gear. Bike, Helmet, spare tires, CO2 canisters, tire changing tools, socks, swimsuits, new running shoes, running gloves, lobster biking gloves,cold weather booties, more socks, happy hour beers, another swimsuit, sports sunglasses, sunscreen, running visors, running shorts, running pants, replacement ipod, cycling clothes, sports bras, water bottles, gu/gel/enduance fuel, more socks, a tune up for my bike, bike computer, new parts that were wearing out on my know...the stanadards.

I decided a long time ago that buying clipless pedals wasn't something I would do for my first triathlon simply because of the cost. I had cages on my bike that would losely hold my feet onto my pedals and was fine with that. By the time I started training for Nations Tri last summer my coaches were asking why I didnt have "Clips." On vacation last summer I bought a part of Pearl Izumi shoes that were on sale. Biking shoes can cost over 100 bucks easily but I found mine on clearance. When I was in Colorado visiting Sally King the weekend of my brother's wedding in January I bought a pair of clipless pedals... and was REALLY excited. The hard part was over...spending the money.... at least that is what I thought. I have been telling myself that I was going to put the pedals on ever since then...but they have just been floating along the bottom of my bag. It just seems really unnecessary to bolt yourself to a piece of medal that is moving up to 25 mph! But i did it...and yesterday I went for a ride at haines point...a 3 mile loop that overlooks the river and DC. I didnt fall once. Lots of clipping in and out. My boyfriend was riding with me and would yell "clip out" randomly so I could practice doing it without time to prepare. It wasn't soo bad! I'm really excited for practice this weekend.

Thursday I'm going to be guest bartending at the Mug to raise money for LLS! Stop by if you are in dC!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

See Fox Shamrock a half....

last week I was in Virginia Beach for the shamrock half marathon and marathon. It was soooo much fun! There were over 20 friends and we all stayed in the same house right on the beach. At least half of the participants are connected through TNT...

Here I am checking into registration...

Meet Kristen, I'm her mentor this season but she was the race manager for TNT when I went to Cap Tex last year.

A great performance T...

Kait, my honored teammate, enjoying her day on the beach...

A view down the beach from our back porch.

Playing on the beach with friends!

Family dinner the night before the race! was sooooo cold! My boyfriend, Sante, me, Noelle, and Tricia in the back are all huddled to stay warm.

Jumping around in an attempt to stay warm before the start

Lots of runners getting ready!

Justin Chae running into the finish...

Kaitlin finishing strong...

Dan getting excited to cross the finish line. Dan and I raced the Nations Triathlon.

Sante approaching the finish line...

Sam and I ran together for the first 10 miles. She is possibly the best pacer ever!
I just love her....

Apparently I finished too fast for our I am appoaching the end...i'm behind the flag!

LOVE YOU ALL....enjoy!


Friday, March 26, 2010

See Fox encouraged...

I just got a $50 donation from "Anonymous" and am so excited/touched! The donor contributed in honor of Bill Kotellos so I'm adding his name to my master list of loved ones who have fought the big C.

The good news about donating to LLS is that blood cancer research is easily applicable to all other cancer types. My friend Kait, who is an amazing survivor is gearing up for her fight to claim the title "Woman of the Year" for LLS. She is strong, enthusiastic, and makes things happen. Her website is up and details on her campaign are available at

Take a look and let us know if you want to help her...all cities and states welcome!

Sending you love from DC!

Friday, January 15, 2010

See Fox warming up... in the bitter cold!

Training has been VERY cold lately. Last week we had our first bike practice...and it snowed the night before. Most of the team went out on the streets that had been plowed and a small group of us went for a long run on a trail that was covered in snow. It required a lot of focus as my ankle still feels off and there were icy patches.

After practice we had an indoor picnic to honor all our teammates who are currently fighting cancer and believe me there were plenty of tears. I was so inspired by every ones stories of determination and perseverance. Great reasons to keep swimming, biking and running.

Since then I've stuck to it but i'm out of town until next Saturday so I won't be able to train with my team which is always hard.

Looking forward to warmer days.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

See Fox Double Up!

Today was my first day of training with two workouts. I wore a brace when I swam and that helped stabalize my ankle while I kicked. This evening I bundled up to run in the absurd cold air that January is serving up to the District. The weather turned out to be manageable but the ankle...well not so much. It gave me more trouble than I was expecting, but in the end I was able to push through 30 to 40 minutes. I need to increase that by....well...a lot since I'm supposed to be running a half marathon in 2 months!

craziest part...i'm on the couch with my hear wrapped in a towel on my head snuggled in jammies and watching TV while all my friends are out drinking and being fun! I'm exhausted!

cfox out! it is bed time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See Fox Dazed...

On January 1st...after leighton made me change a bike tire for practice we started talking about Javier triathlon crush. (aside from you J.bell) and I decided it has been way to long since we have discussed him.

Here is his ITU profile from 09 and watch out ladies...he is single...or was!

and this link will give you more info on his racing career. there is a little video clip there to show you his crash in dextro london...some serious road rash on his back and shoulders! Ouch!

This post is dedicated to Tricia Kane and educating her in the ways of Jav! Your homework assignment is to find a professional triathlete that is going to be your tri crush!

love cfox

See Fox Inspired

I just finished reading Jeff Bell's Ironman Arizona race report and the tears haven't even dried yet. He is a rock star and one of my hero's and I'm so excited to have someone like him around to inspire me to push myself harder. He is adorable!

He raced 140.6 miles in under 11 hours a couple of months ago. That includes a 2.4 mile swim, a 113 mile bike ride, and a marathon (26.2) run. That race is on my schedule already for 2012. A large group of us have decided to run in order to honor kaitlin and her 5 years of being cancer free!
In the mean time that same group has combined forces to make sure we get things taken care of. This year has been titled "the year of the run!" and our race schedule is already packed.

In March I'm running a half marathon, in April a 10 miler and an Olympic distance tri, in July a half ironman in New York and on halloween celebrate turning 30...I'm running the marine corps marathon. That list doesn't include the 5k and 10k races that will pepper my calendar this year. Including the Remember the 10 run in Stillwater that I'm excited to get home for in April!

I love you all and am happy to be back at it. Enjoy a couple of pics of Jeff...


Jeff finishing Ironman AZ under 11 hours!
Jeff Bell running...GO 384!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff is a machine on the bike! go get'em pookie!

Here are the 2,700 racers starting at the same time! (in 60degree water!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's a whole new season!!!

Well folks, it is official! Spring Season is off to a great start! Last Saturday was our first team practice and it was really fun to get the team together. It was a 20 degree day so everyone was bundled up, but the first run was quick and then we went to brunch together. Today was swim practice at 5:30 again. my arms are out of shape and were tired in no time! I love it an am happy to be back and get to know a whole new team of people fighting to cure blood cancers!

More to come soon!