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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

See Fox Clipped in...

I've completed 2 triathlons in 1 year and I'm back for my third. In a year and a half I'm sent plenty of money donating to TNT and buying gear. Bike, Helmet, spare tires, CO2 canisters, tire changing tools, socks, swimsuits, new running shoes, running gloves, lobster biking gloves,cold weather booties, more socks, happy hour beers, another swimsuit, sports sunglasses, sunscreen, running visors, running shorts, running pants, replacement ipod, cycling clothes, sports bras, water bottles, gu/gel/enduance fuel, more socks, a tune up for my bike, bike computer, new parts that were wearing out on my know...the stanadards.

I decided a long time ago that buying clipless pedals wasn't something I would do for my first triathlon simply because of the cost. I had cages on my bike that would losely hold my feet onto my pedals and was fine with that. By the time I started training for Nations Tri last summer my coaches were asking why I didnt have "Clips." On vacation last summer I bought a part of Pearl Izumi shoes that were on sale. Biking shoes can cost over 100 bucks easily but I found mine on clearance. When I was in Colorado visiting Sally King the weekend of my brother's wedding in January I bought a pair of clipless pedals... and was REALLY excited. The hard part was over...spending the money.... at least that is what I thought. I have been telling myself that I was going to put the pedals on ever since then...but they have just been floating along the bottom of my bag. It just seems really unnecessary to bolt yourself to a piece of medal that is moving up to 25 mph! But i did it...and yesterday I went for a ride at haines point...a 3 mile loop that overlooks the river and DC. I didnt fall once. Lots of clipping in and out. My boyfriend was riding with me and would yell "clip out" randomly so I could practice doing it without time to prepare. It wasn't soo bad! I'm really excited for practice this weekend.

Thursday I'm going to be guest bartending at the Mug to raise money for LLS! Stop by if you are in dC!

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Anonymous said...

bartending for charity is a nice thing!