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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

See Fox's cheering section!!!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

See Fox sleepwalking!

So I thought a 30 minute run today afterwork would be an good end to my day...but I ended up heading to the gym with Kait...1 mile there (plus a extra mile or so running errands before) 1 hour on the bike, 15 on the treadmill and then headed home. It has been a while since I did training for all 3 in one day.  I am totally exhausted...looking forward to sleeping in...or at least until 8:30..better than today's 4:30 alarm!

this isn't a very fun post so i think i'm turning in!
much love to all of you!

See Fox sleeeeeeeppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

I actually got to bed at a decent hour last night!  Waking up this morning was easier (avoiding wine on Monday nights might have its merits) and practice was a blast!  I really think i have the best lane ever!  It is our recovery week for the month which is nice...but at the same time i'm exhausted.....and I didt have time to nap after practice and before work...back to work now as a matter of fact.

Tomorrow is our fundraiser so I'll have pics soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

See Fox and Tom

Not sure what i'm laughing about...but this was at the end of Tom's fund raising event...A wine tasting!  It was great fun...and my Team Captain came close to reaching his goal that night!  

See Fox Fight!

Well maybe I wasn't fighting but I did punch my team captain!  Tom...who you see in this weeks post was swimming in front of me during a drill where we swim with our hands in fists...and I didn't realize how close I was to him and with one stroke just punch the bottom of his foot!  It wasn't too terrible hard so that he was hurt...but i spent the next 5 minutes laughing and choking on water!

So Tom is my team captain and that just means that I have to answer to him about why I'm missing practices and helps me out when I need encouragement and help!  He won't be in Austin because he is racing in St. Anthony's in Florida the month before!  He is lots of fun and his baby is BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, March 16, 2009

See fox Train

met with a trainer today and am going to do 4 workouts!  i'm exhausted about the idea but looking forward to it.  my trainer is tough, but we both are on the same page about goals and plans.  

other than that I did some hard running and am ready to swim in the morning!  Yes!  its going to kick my ass!

i have to go watch the last episode of the city!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

See Fox Sleepy.

Baaaaaad idea to get out of bed and go have drinks with Kait last night.  I'm sleepy!  Got out of bed this morning at 6:15 and got back into bed after I brushed my teeth.  Finally pulled myself back on my feet in time to get to the pool 15 minutes late.  I'm worn out and need a nap...but there is no time in my schedule for it.  

Just hung up with one prospect and about to call into another!
Love and miss you guys,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

See Fox's Drinkin Buddies!

Here is a pic of some friends from the other night! Tricia on the far left, Kait (Survivor), Kate (newly engaged and drives me to swimming) and myself at a wine tasting last week for coach jeff and my team captain Tom...they raked it in! Speaking of fundraising...I'm going to grab a beer with Kait and her friends!

Fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!1

See Fox Sweat

I ran to the gym tonight at about 7 and was on the stationary bike for 55 minutes (including a 1/2 mile cool down) and logged 15 miles.  This gives me hope.  If I can ride with the same intensity during my race I could do the entire bike portion in 1.5 hours.  I know that the computer on the bike can't be trusted and I probably didn't really go that far or that fast...but its good for my mental game!  My friend Kait was there and we kept each other laughing...I'm so sad she is training for a different Tri!  It would have been nice to have her and the rest of my team around...

speaking of...i owe you more pictures!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

See Fox Sprint...kind of!

Good morning!  It's 7:15 here and I've been home from practice about 15 minutes ago.  My arms are like jelly.  I had no energy to make breakfast but knew I needed something in my system so I settled for a cookies and cream powerbar and a nap...and I'll make breakfast when I get up.

Practice wiped me out today! Lots of sprinting.   Apparently the last 2 months of swim workouts were developed by our Coach Megan.  This month has been developed by Coach Mike who must be interested in seeing someone sink!  I must admit that it's nice to really get a workout.  I can see that I'm improving, but I really think I need to work on building strenght in my arms outside of the pool....or maybe I should drink less on Monday nights!  (Conference in town and too many glasse!of wine made it tough to sleep and tougher to wake up!)

I think I need a nap before work starts!
Send your love, and your pennies!
All my love,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

See Fox Stronger!

Sunday's hour long swim was a tough one, but not only did I manage to get to the end, but I feel like I had a really strong swim.  Just to give you an idea of a typical Tuesday or Sunday swim:

Warm up: 5 minutes.
4 x 100, rest interval 10 seconds:  Each 100 gets faster.  Start at an easy pace and last 100 should be a sprint
500, at a level 5
4 x 100, rest interval 10 seconds:  Each 100 the first 25 is easy and the last 25 of each is a dead sprint
700, at a level 5
cool down.

Doesnt sound like a lot...but believe me...its tough!

I'm feeling stronger and on my way to a Wii Tennis tourney!

Love it, love you, love the beautiful weather...need to get outside!
send love and pennies!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

See Fox's Bike Coach jeff is only 1 of 4 Bike/Run coaches...but he is the most important one of all.  I met Jeff almost 3 years ago while living with Jill Stephens.  They are coworkers and Jeff would join the 2 of us when we hosted cocktail parties, at events around town, we even convinced him to go speed dating with us!  He is a fabulous friend to have...and when I ran into him at Eric and Seth's going away party (they sold him his condo) we started talking about his TRI world.  I mentioned wanting to get into swim practice and he pretty much had me hooked as soon as he suggested Team In Training.  But look at him...could you say no?  He is a machine!  Great motivator, amazing athlete and my favorite coach by far!

More friends and team mates in pictures to come!
Go Team!

See Fox Climb!

Today was the first time I made it to a team bike workout!  It only took 2 months!  I was scared out of my mind.  I tend to be a pretty clumsy girl when walking in my just thinking of strapping my feet to pedals and let me glide downhill at 25 mph (or faster if I pedaled) makes me break out in a panic attack!

I was out of bed before 7 and rode with the coaches out to the starting point about an hour outside of DC.  We were riding in a rural part of Maryland that was beautiful...IF YOU LOVE HILLS!!!!  When I told people it was my first ride they all looked at me like I was crazy and a couple people asked why I picked this practice.  (Main reason:  Its the first one that wasn't slated to be 10 degrees!)  

Good news...I survived.  I dropped my chain right from the start so one of the main coaches stopped to help me which turned into a blessing....because before the end of the street she dropped her chain as well (just meaning the chain came off the gears) and so we started about 5 minutes behind the pack.  It gave me time with her to go over gets complicated when you have about 23 gears.  Within 5 minutes my thighs were burning as I was climbing my first substantial hill.  My coach warned me as we started that I might have to walk it and to not get discouraged...but I wasn't having that...made it to the top and enjoyed the trip down the other side.   I was riding my breaks on a lot of the descents...but my focus for this practice was gearing...and I'm feeling great about it at this point!  Maybe next time I can focus on speed.

At the end of the Hour and 40 minute ride I took a couple minutes to strip off my jacket, helmet, etc and jumped out on a new trail to run 15 minutes!  It was a tough brick workout but a lot of fun at the same time.  Having a team to train with is encouraging and distracting and getting to meet someone new on the trail to talk to is always a nice way to zone out!  However after 15 minutes I was wondering how I could tack another 5 miles at the end of my workout.  Building up to this is tough...but I have faith that my team will get me there.  And for those of you who see me in Austin...prepare to be amazed!

I love you guys and I'm starting to love TRI's
send your love and pennies...

PS.  pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

See Fox Celebrate

My favorite part of Tuesdays is meeting at the Tombs for drinks at 9 after the evening swimmers are done with practice...great beer specials, wings, and hummus!  Worth the lost of sleep!  

i love my cap hill crew...its fun to have a stable group at this point!
time to sleep!

See Fox Colder than Cold

My legs are still trying to thaw out and I went for my run in 2 layers of pants...its just freaking cold.

So here is the latest: 

Sunday i swam just under 2 miles when i practiced on my own.  It felt good but man 3000 meters is exhausting.  I walked to and from the pool and then had dinner with friends.  PF Changs would normally get a few complaints to my friends since there are soooo many local options but I was excited about the brown rice and protein combo!  That night it snowed 8 inches and I fell asleep watching the flurries swirl around the street lamp outside my room and worrying about how I was going to make it to the gym in the morning.  

I had a personal trainer session on Monday and my trainer swore he would be there no matter what.  So I bundled up (jeans over the running pants, hiking boots, coat, leather gloves, etc) and pushed myself out the door.  1/2 way there trainer called to cancel so I hurried to the gym and  I jumped on a stationary bike and road for 50 minutes which turned into about 15 or 16 miles. Then I did some weights for my arms and walked back home!  Monday night I went to my biking coaches house to watch the Bachelor and drank like 3 glasses of the time I got to bed I had 4 hours to sleep before my swimming wake up call. 

4:30 came to early but I managed to get up with enough time to grab breakfast and get out the door.  It was freezing again and when we got to the pool there were no lane ropes.  This meant that the wake from other swimmers wasn't controlled and it felt like an open water swim.  I choaked on so much pool water that I never felt tempted to open my bottle of water through out the practice!  And I usually take down 2/3 of my nalgene!  I got home ate, worked, and at 5:00 pm was out the door for a 50 minute run.  It's just soooo cold.  My face was stinging but I forced my legs to keep moving.  I was 15 minutes in when I made the executive decision to swing south in front of the capital and head to my new gym...where I stripped off my top layer of fleece and jumped on a treadmill.  For my last 30 minutes I did a 5k which felt good but the last mile was tough...the pads of my feet were throbbing so I broke it up with a run/walk alternating every quarter mile.  When I left I grabbed a potbelly sandwich to go and walked the mile back home in the dark...Colder still!  But the reward was 30 minutes of August Rush and my turkey on wheat before jumping in the shower. 

I'm now getting ready to meet my training group for drinks in Georgetown...train hard, play hard is the motto...although I like to add sleep hard and eat lots!  My body is calling for more fuel these days!  I'm guessing that I'm burning at least 1500 calories a day with my extra throughout the day walking to and from metros, etc!

with that said I need to finish my water and dry my hair...before you know it I'll be back in the cold snowy air!

all my love, send your thoughts and pennys.