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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See Fox Dazed...

On January 1st...after leighton made me change a bike tire for practice we started talking about Javier triathlon crush. (aside from you J.bell) and I decided it has been way to long since we have discussed him.

Here is his ITU profile from 09 and watch out ladies...he is single...or was!

and this link will give you more info on his racing career. there is a little video clip there to show you his crash in dextro london...some serious road rash on his back and shoulders! Ouch!

This post is dedicated to Tricia Kane and educating her in the ways of Jav! Your homework assignment is to find a professional triathlete that is going to be your tri crush!

love cfox

1 comment:

TBK said...

Haha, nice! Thanks Cfox! I'm on it! :-) Will just have to keep my eyes peeled for my own tri crush!! :-)