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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See Fox Inspired

I just finished reading Jeff Bell's Ironman Arizona race report and the tears haven't even dried yet. He is a rock star and one of my hero's and I'm so excited to have someone like him around to inspire me to push myself harder. He is adorable!

He raced 140.6 miles in under 11 hours a couple of months ago. That includes a 2.4 mile swim, a 113 mile bike ride, and a marathon (26.2) run. That race is on my schedule already for 2012. A large group of us have decided to run in order to honor kaitlin and her 5 years of being cancer free!
In the mean time that same group has combined forces to make sure we get things taken care of. This year has been titled "the year of the run!" and our race schedule is already packed.

In March I'm running a half marathon, in April a 10 miler and an Olympic distance tri, in July a half ironman in New York and on halloween celebrate turning 30...I'm running the marine corps marathon. That list doesn't include the 5k and 10k races that will pepper my calendar this year. Including the Remember the 10 run in Stillwater that I'm excited to get home for in April!

I love you all and am happy to be back at it. Enjoy a couple of pics of Jeff...


Jeff finishing Ironman AZ under 11 hours!
Jeff Bell running...GO 384!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff is a machine on the bike! go get'em pookie!

Here are the 2,700 racers starting at the same time! (in 60degree water!)

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