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Monday, April 20, 2009

See Fox 10k. this year the Remember the 10 race was a new course which was better in a lot of ways...and worse in a couple of ways. I pretty much ran with Emily Bynum.  She is one of my all time best running buddies.  My running hasn't been as consistant as my swimming and biking has been during training so I'm really happy to have that 10k behind me.  Em is a great running partner...talks to strangers on the course with me, tells me I'm a rockstar everytime we finish a hill or kilometer, reminds you of the cheese fries and beer waiting for us at Eskimo Joe's, and pretty much keeps me preoccupied.  Now I need to figure out how to smuggle her onto the race course in austin because after 2 hours of swimming and biking I will need the help.  There will be lots of pictures to come!

We started out in the back of the 10k pack and spent the first 30 minutes focusing on the next person I wanted to pass.  We just kept picking them off.  The second half hour was a bit tougher...but it was fun to run through campus!  My legs were never really tired, it was more of keeping my mind in the game.  I just don't know how I can hate and love running so much at the same time!  

I will be completing a LOT of running over the next month to make sure I'm ready for this!  

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