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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

See Fox's Merchandise Coordinator

Dr. Connie Fox is as cute as a mother comes!  She made the sweetest tshirts for herself, Mr Dale, and the friends!  What a rockstar.  She wore them to our inspirational dinner the night before so my whole team knew that they belonged to me.  I told everyone in our team meeting that they would be out there on the race course ready to cheer.  My teammates loved it seeing them out there.  Easy to spot in orange and at one point my mom almost missed me as I zipped by in my aero bars...but I couldnt miss her...she was standing in the street half the time with her hand shading her eyes waiting for me!  Mom even did a bit of marketing of my blog when people asked what the shirt was about!  Go Connie!

And Mr Dale was just as easy to spot.  In fact he is the one I could pick out on the bridge while I was waiting to swim and finally in the water!  It was lots of fun Having you both there!  Thanks so much!

Connie is holding a picture of my sister's late grandmother-in-law who suffered from Leukemia for 12 years!  She was a fighter and I competed in her memory.


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