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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

See Fox's boyfriends!

Introducing Brenny Broermann!!!!  That is what I call sending some love!  Double-wristed even!!! NICE!!!

Spider-beau!  You are number one little man for showing that spirit!  TNT and LLS love you...but I still love you more...cuz count those! two! three! four!  (Are you sleeping in a big boy bed now? Get out of town Bamboo!!! That is so exciting!)

Mr. Colin Broermann bringing the pain like a real competitor.  Rumor has it you and Brenny went for a jog on Monday morning while I was racing!  Thanks for joining the cause!  Wanna run when I come for a visit or should we swim?

I'm loving the purple! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!  I  miss you guys...see you in a couple of weeks!

Man alive i could have used that slip n slide to get to the finish line!  You guys are amazing!!!  Thanks for all the excitment!

maybe when I am in town we can host a mini triathlon?!?!?  what do you think.  we can bring your bikes to the pool and do a swim bike run!  Think you can handle it??

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