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Friday, May 22, 2009

See Fox Crushin! Blue Crushin that is...

Well I just went to Lounge 201 where Kait works and am happy to say I broke my vow to not drink anything until my race.  It only took me 12 hours.  I had like a drink and a half as part of a send off from my girls Kait and Kate and Jeff.  We talked about race day and what to expect and I drank lots of water.  When I got home the TV was on downstairs and BLUE CRUSH was the very end when she is in the of the best kick ass motivation to be great and get fit and have fun and get a tan and be a total girl movies!

That is pretty much what me and Kate and Kait look like at open water swim...minus the boards that is.

I love it...and so I will consider it a perfect send off to Austin.  Good friends, good drinks, and good movie!

Oh is coming on again and I need to finish packing!  boo.
More updates to come from Austin!

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