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Thursday, May 7, 2009

See Fox3000

I was running late to practice but got there with enough time to swim with Kait and Kate for a while.  Our workout was supposed to be a 30 minute swim but opted for a repeat of our 2700 meters workout from Tuesday since I had an hour.  It was a pretty tough swim and I wanted another crack at it.  About 2/3 through I had a quick break and decided to check my coaches math...and my practice was really a 3000 meter swim.  Which is 2x the distance of our race I felt good when I finished.  It was a workout.

It has been so rainy lately that I decided to wear my old chaco sandals to the pool and gave myself blisters on the bottom of my feet...the walk back sucked and my run is going to kill.  A little annoyed about that.

I stopped to grab some treats at the market around the corner and passed some donuts!!!  I was tired and HUNGRY and almost bought one...but saw an article in Shape about 6 months ago that said it takes a full hour of yoga to work off HALF a donut!  I couldn't waste my entire morning swim on one lousy home made scrambled eggs (light on the yoke), whole grain english muffin with crunchy peanut butter, an apple, and a cup of vanilla yogurt!  I'm much happier than if I had a donut...but it still sounds good.

Keep sending your powersongs, pennies, and support!

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