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Monday, May 25, 2009

See Fox Do!!!!

I am back at the hotel and a mess. Chain grease, sand, rocks, magic marker, sweat (lots) and tears....essentially I could use a shower. I still haven't made enough progress through all the messages, texts, emails and IM's to know which direction is up! I will get back to you all asap...but for now i need about 2 more bottles of gatorade, a shower, a huge salad...and time to decompress. There is so much that happened on race that the pictures and posts didn't show, so I will send more updates soon! For now I just have to thank everyone...everyone who sned word, everyone who donated, and especially everyone who was here with me standing in that heat and humidity. They are soldiers and made this so much easier. I have lots of pics, race times, and keep coming back!

much love from Austonia...
your faithful triathlete!

Special thanks to kenny and Carrie...kenny always seemed to be there....easy to spot and cheering me on. And carrie was my guest blogger princess!

PS I'm already excited for my next race! Bring it D.C.!

1 comment:

Becky: said...

please post pics, times, stories and more ASAP!
XOXOX, Beck and Isla