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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

See Fox Force Five

Last week my training was completely derailed.  I was on the road for business Wednesday through Friday and didn't really get any training in.  Thursday night I found out that my sister was going to be induced on Friday morning so I changed my flight home and headed straight to Denver to meet my niece!  It was so great to be there and to meet, hold, smell, and kiss my baby niece Isla!  My mom and sister Sarah were able to get there Thursday night and help Becky though the entire labor and deliver and everything went very well.   (Pictured above: Middle sister Sarah, oldest sister Becky, newest fox girl Isla, Grandma "Ina" Connie, and me right before we went home on Isla's second day here!)

Momma Ortyl with Isla P right after delivery!  They both look great and are very happy!

Could she be any cuter???  I didn't think so either!

It was great to be there, but the trade off was that I missed my practice Tri and missed several practices.  Don't worry, however, this weekend will more than make up for it!  

More info to come...if you want to see more on Isla or hear more stories check out my sister's blog at is a cute blogger!

Thanks again for all the love and sport and don't forget to donate!

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