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Saturday, May 16, 2009

See Fox Open Water Swim!!!

Well gang...we are close!  Today was my last team practice before the race.  We met at Sandy Point, MD.  Its a "beach" not far from the Chesapeak Bay bridge

At one point I thought I was getting motion sickness.  The swells were enough to leave me unstable and making sighting difficult...but it was fine.  And knowing that Town Lake in Austin will be much calmer helps.

After the swim we peeled our wetsuits off and cleaned up for a picnic and information meeting.  I got my flight info, all my tickets (and the tickets for Mom, Dale, Kenny, and Ryan to go with me to the Pasta dinner the night before) and of couse bike tags.

I drop my bike off tomorrow at an area bike shop to have it shipped to Austin, which means I dont have to ride until next weekend!  YES!

At lunch I found out that 2 more of my teammates are leukemia survivors.  Its pretty inspiring to swim with these women and see them fighting back.  Thanks to everyone who helped keep me in this.

I love you all...more to come,


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