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Thursday, May 14, 2009

See Fox run it out!

I ran tonight.  Only an hour.  I should have pushed for 90 minutes...but it was about 9 when I finally hit the treadmill tonight and I hadn't eaten and it didnt sound like a good idea.  I was trying to take care of a couple of things while running so I stopped occasionally to send a text or 2 to Carrie about our trip to Austin (so excited she, Justin, Kenny, and Ryan are coming).  

So I did 6 miles in an hour and felt good.  I've been hating the runs lately so it was nice to knock out a good run like today.  Would have been better for me to run outside but it was too late.  Debating another run in morning or maybe bike ride to make up for missing Wednesday.  We will see.  

My speed isn't fabulous, and I hope to emprove my endurance for the next race, but my recovery is pretty great and I'm feeling good.

11 Days and counting!

Also, tomorrow is last day to donate...I'm sooo close to my goal!  Please, donate if you haven't already!

P.S. Grays Anatomy was on the TV in the workout room and when Izzy and George died at the end I had to jump off for a sec...there's no crying on long runs!!!

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