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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See Fox Procrastinate

I haven't been getting very good sleep I decided to sleep in today.  I worked through lunch and now I have to go work out.  But...I don't want to.  I mean I want to, but it is rainy and windy and yucky out there....and I'd rather order thai food and watch Wednesday night TV...and I don't even know what comes on tonight.  

Kenny Ginn suggested a new addition to my powersong list.  Its queued up to play first.  Ryan Adams is pretty fabulous.  If it weren't raining and if my ipod was juiced I'll start my run with that.  Instead it will have to wait.  Thanks for the suggestion, Kenny.  That's a great one.


seriously! ok. gotta lace up my in memory/honor of/celebration of way to many people to take my health for granted for another second.

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