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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See Fox Satisfied.

I made it to the gym.  It was drizzing on me the whole way there.  I felt like I pushed a pretty good pace the whole way dispite being totally exhausted.  As soon as I got there I said hi to a couple of friends and jumped on the bike and got to cranking.  About 45 minutes into my workout Kait finished with hers and parked it on the bike next to me to chat and catch up.  Lots of planning for girls night Thursday, Coldplay concert this summer, upcoming Tri races.  Its shaping up to be a great summer already...just need a little sun!

I streched a little and left after 60 mins on the bike...I had to stop to get dinner on the way home and had a great chat withkait along the way was raining on us the whole way back...but once I sat down and started to eat there was got one good crack of lightning and rattled the fireplace!  It was soooo satisfing to here the familiar old sound of the Oklahoma Thunderstorm...even if it only lasted 15 seconds.

Now I'm catching up on emails and getting ready to hit the hay.  Gotta get up for swimming in less than 7 hours and still need to get at least 15 minutes of core work in...I hate situps/crunches.

much love...enjoy my view from my walk home...continue to send powersongs, pennies, and support...

PS.  dinner was from Burrito Brothers and i got yummy tacos in corn tortillas and OMG they were good...but not nearly as good as Blazin Peppers in Tulsa!

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