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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

See Fox's favorite pictures

I love this pic.  Kenny used his zoom lense to find me pretty far out...but once I spotted them just before going under the bridge i waved in mid stroke!  Shout out to all of you!

I dont get down in my aero bars too this pic is a rare find! :)   But the smile was there for a few reason...always smile for the camera (even when your legs are burning), friends cheering for you specifically is a treat, and I was just one bridge lenght from the end of the loop!!!  

This was on the first lap of the run and I was already staring to melt.  about .4 miles into the run we hit a water sand and a shower...yes...a sprinkler suspended from the roof of a tent that sprayed out like a water sprinkler...cold water...a first time triathlete who finds herself in Austin heat might also call this shower "a little slice of heaven"  or perhaps "wattery goodness".  After that treat I had to walk a bit.  When kenny took this I was about 1/3 of my way through my run and he was keeping me entertained!  I sure did like  the company.  

Lisa (my teammate) and Stephen (her former TNT teammate who now lives in Austin) and came to support us.  He was so fun and was great to see on the course!  So was lisa...she was about 30 minutes faster than me!  Amazing...and a great inspiration to see on the course!

The whole crew of cheerleaders from left to right: Mr Dale, Me, Carrie, Justin, Alle, Ryan, Connie Kenny.  Directly behind us is the archway we ran under to get to the finish shoot.  It was fun running under and seeing athletes who had already finished cheering you on from the stair case.  You didnt have to walk over it...unless you needed to a specific side of the transition area.

If you would like to see more of the pictures kenny took the triathlon please visit the following link at

I will have a more thorough story of what happend posted here in teh next day or two!

Again!  Thanks everyone for your support and help.  The number of text messages and emails I recieved is so sweet and supportive!  I love you lots! 


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Cris O said...

So proud of you, chica. You inspire ME!