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Thursday, December 11, 2008

See Fox Spin...

Well tonight was actually fun...I left home at about 6:30 bundled up for a cold and rainy run. It wasnt was a steady and fairly heavy rain. Its actually been raining all day which meant i was splashing through puddles and streams all the way to the gym (about a mile) which means my feet were dry for the 1st 4 steps out the door!

By the time I got to the gym I was dripping wet and as soon as I dumped my jacked and fleece gloves and headband I was on the bike and peddeling away. Today was a bike workout so I logged 30 minutes on a stationary bike on a hill work out and I must admit that it was harder than I was expecting. I got about 9 miles down which means my race time on the bike portion alone will be just under an hour and a half...

I'm starting to wonder what I got myself into...but after the bike and light weights I ran the entire mile back home there might be some hope for me! seend my your positive thoughts!

Keosha took this pic as soon as I walked into the apt...I'm dripping in rainwater! Feeling like a badass right now. My apple and peanut butter are long gone though so I'm off to shower and watch the Office!
lots of love!


Bill Fox said...


Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to me to get on our statiionary bike and click through some miles or at least minutes.
Jan and I are seriously dieting now we need to get moving.
You rock girl!
Love, Dad

Bill Fox said...

Tina - congratulations on taking on such a big endeavor; I certainly would never. You look happy. Keep up the good work. Would love to see you if you ever get to NC, Love, Jan

Anonymous said...

Send Lance a blurb and he can send out an email to the DC Pokes group to assist with your fundraising efforts. I'm so impressed and proud of our own DC Poke - you are awesome! Keep up the hard work and I can't wait to read more about this new adventure in your life.