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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

See Fox Freeze

WOW!  I forgot how cold it gets out there!  January is off to a busy start.  I moved apartments so my runs are taking me to the capitol and around the national mall.  It is easy to get lost in your thoughts when you are looiking at monuments and buildings dedicated to the amazing Americans who have contributed to the growth of this country!

This weekend I went for a run around the mall and while gazing at all the speakers, staging, etc for Obama's inauguration surrounding the capitol I realized that it was sleeting on me.  Are you kidding....bundled up in the bitter cold and I was being sleeted on.  I decided to stay positive.  At least it wasnt raining, right?  As long as it was frozen! I was thankful to be dry and cold!  About 10 minutes of positive thinking gave way to cursing as the sleet turned to rain and i was still pretty far from home.  Looking back it worked as great motivation!  I had no desire to stop and walk if ti was going to prolong the pain!

Today was a swim day so i was up at ride picked me up at 5 and i was in the water by 5:30.  I felt good about my workout today and hope to get a nap in after work so I can make it to the beer and wings outing at a bar in Georgetown tonight with some of my new friends!  The friends I'be been making in my lane and at practice are really fun.  Everyone is encouraging, excited, and in this together!  My coaches know their stuff and I'm motivated by both the fastest and slowest swimmers in my lane. 

ok...back to work...conference call awaits!

1 comment:

Dale said...

It's good to see that you are posting, again. I was wondering what was going on. It sounds like you are going to push yourself to the goal. Good luck. Keep it up.
Ole Dale