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Saturday, September 12, 2009

See Fox do it again...

without the help of a support staff this time (really miss Connie, Dale, Carrie and Kenny being on the side lines for me) I'll be taking on my 2nd tri.

This time I have my entire team at the same race with me and I'm reporting from the comfort of my own bedroom instead of a hotel. Should be a great day tomorrow for a triathlon. I will also have lots of my teammates from last season coming out to check on me and Kenny Ginn with be on the race course with me as well! Its going to be fun!

i'll update my blog after the race...or after teh after party!

lots of love as i close my eyes!


Keosha said...

I am so proud of you CFox. I will be there cheering you on.

Sarah and Nick Marquez said...

Too cool!!! I am so impressed! You are amazing!!!! I could hardly finish a 10K (walking)! You are one cool girl!!!!!