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Monday, August 24, 2009

See Fox in the final stretches...


It has been tooo long since I've posted. Training this season has gone well. I've enjoyed my team, but DC has about 170 participants so that makes it hard to get to know people. But we still have found a way to spend our weekends at fundraisers toasting, dancing, and laughing together. Late night empanada trips have become as common as my bike rides around haines point. Life is good and my race is quickly approaching.

Saturday I had a 2hour and 10 min bike ride followed immediately by a run along the national mall for what was supposed to be 50 minutes. One of my participants and I ran together and decided to increase forget about the time and run all the way to the Lincoln I passed the WW2 memorial it started to drizzle. As we ran up the steps to the Lincoln it started to the distance we could see a serious storm brewing so we took a couple of seconds to enjoy the rain and recover from the steps and then ran back. about 10 minutes from the end we stopped running. It was raining so hard and we were so drenched that we were scared we would slip on a marble curb or the rocks on the sidewalk. The entire workout lasted 4 hours once you factored in the stretching.

Sunday we had our first open water swim. I didn't get a great workout in because I saw with the level 1 swimmers who are feeling pretty anxious about their abilities and the conditions on race day. They were slow but steady and we got them through the course. Today I'll run to the gym and bike for a bit tonight.

I have $200 that I still haven't posted to my account from friends...which means I'm 190 away from my minimum. Deadline is friday so if you would like to post please feel free!

much love,

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