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Monday, June 22, 2009

See Fox Thankful!!!

It is 8:00 and I've been up for about 2.5 hrs! Last night while
splitting a pitcher of beer with kaitlin, gimmy, and eddie we decided
to wake up this morning for an early bike ride! By the time I got
into bed and set my alarm I was immediately considering all the
excuses I could come up with in the morning...but when my alarm went
off at 5:30 I knew I wouldn't use them. I was excited to ride with my
girls and knew I needed to get the milage if I want to do better at I filled my water bottles and saddled up.

After we met at kaits and aired our tires we headed down capitol hill
around the mint and onto haines point which has a 3 mile loop around a
penninsula that is dedicated enitrely to DC parks and recreation. I
usually go there on the weekend to swim. It was a good ride. It
wasn't too fast of a pace, and the weather was beautiful. The sun was
rising as I left my house and I must say the national monuments are
beautiful in the early morning! Wish everyone could experience this!
Next time you are in DC consider renting a bike for an early ride.

While headed back home I got a surge of energy...happiness...TNT has
given me great friends who inspire me to get up and go. I'm so
thankful for them and for being healthy enough to do it. I'm thankful
for Gimmy singing out loud on the ride home which made me sing out
loud which prompted kait to tell me she was singing 'what's love got
to do with it' in her head. At that point we started singing outloud
and I was laughing so hard and enjoying myself...and then I hit
capitol hill and had to bike up that wasn't until I
reached the top that I noticed I did the whole thing in my 2nd ring!
Boo! Got home made breakfast and am about to get to work

Get out and enjoy the world!

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